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Lamda Nafs Shipyards specializes in yacht building over 18 meters long using as building materials steel, aluminum and the combination of both.
Our company provides:
•Research and studies for any kind of ships.
•Research and studies for any kind of offsore structures.
•Research and studies for biomechanical structures.
•New constructions.
•Launching and hoisting



​The under cover facilities are surrounded by an open space area of approx. forty thousand square meters (40.000 m²). One side of this area is near the sea where a basin dock has been built with dimensions length of maxinum 150 meters and width of 25 meters. Also a berth has been built for berthing and un-berthing yachts for repairs or parking. The width of this berth is aprrox. 35 meters.

The launching of the new builds and also the lifting of yachts for repair is achieved by the use of a travel lift with lifting capacity of 800 tons together with the use of winches that are fitted in the berthing area.

The open space facilities area is divided in the following areas:

 •External storage area 

 •Area for parking and repair of yachts

 •Car park. This facility will be used by the visitors and personnel of the shipyard.

 •Helipad Area.



Our shipyard has a total area of ten thousand five hundred square meters(10.500 m²) and more specifically is an area with lenght of 150 meters, width of 70 meters and maximum heigth of 35 meters.

In this covered area the following departments are established:

  •Under cover space for the construction and completion at the same time of four (4) yachts with length each 60 meters.

  •Under cover space of pre-fabrication.

  •Under cover Carpentry space.

  •Storage spaces.

  •Presentation and Exhibition space.

  •Design office.


  •Medical centre.

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